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SoundCloud's 'SoundCloud Go' service thing pissed me off (They sell access to your music to subscribers without giving you a cent :/ ), so I've closed my account and made this page. Embedding .OGG, MP3, and .WAV files is very easy in HTML5! EG:

<audio src='audio/August 26 2.ogg' type='audio/ogg' controls></audio>

If the audio players don't appear / don't work your browser either doesn't support the HTML 'audio' tag, or it doesn't support .OGG files.

In each section tracks are listed newest–oldest


  1. Songs
  2. Other Recordings
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Other Recordings

Collection by Hai

Tape found in an op-shop. More info. on Lost Discarded Abandoned.


Best of J-Pop (2014)

I also made a video for the song GUANBARE.

The Rest of J-Pop

Some more tracks in the same vein. Some may appear in Second-Best of J-Pop

Pounds (2014)

Collaboration with Erin Crouch. A day of keyboard improvisation, cut-up and over-lapped into songs.

Digital and physical copies available on Bandcamp

Couchbell (2007–2014)

See Also

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